New Artist: Scott Haefner Photography

Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic is proud to display selected works from Bay Area photographer, Scott Haefner.

Scott Haefner is a professional photographer based in the San Francisco Bay area who frequently shoots in places that most people choose not to venture. Photographing abandoned buildings and other forgotten places, often under the cover of darkness, is what captivates him the most. His work has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, BBC News, Photo District News and Photo Techniques, as well as specials on the Discovery and History Channels.

Scott’s aim is to create distinct images from unique vantage points using techniques such as light painting, shooting at night, and kite aerial photography.

Shooting in low light enables him to sculpt and manipulate the light in front of his camera, lending more control and creative opportunities. Scott uses flashlights, off-camera flash, and colored theatrical gels—often in combination with natural moonlight—to “light paint” the scene during the exposure.

Like being outdoors enjoying nature and the elements (which Scott also enjoys photographing), exploring abandonments is often a visceral and perhaps even spiritual experience. “Urban exploration” cuts to the core of an innate curiosity that exists within all of us; it also satisfies Scott’s sense of adventure and sometimes gives intense adrenaline rushes.

Through his photography, Scott hopes to lend a window into a world that most people will never experience.

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Information on Scott’s upcoming show “Mothball Fleet Revealed” can be found at

Veterinarian/Owner of Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic

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