Pet Tips on 95.3 The Beach: Spring and Summer Hazards

Dr. Joel Conn’s segment “Pet Tips” aired today on 95.3 The Beach! The topic was “Spring and Summer Hazards.” Tune in every Friday morning at 10:40am to hear more Pet Tips!

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“This week on pet tips we’re going to talk about Spring and Summer Hazards.

With warm weather, come a few additional risks to your pet. There are a few things that
all pet owners should be aware of to help keep your dogs and cats healthy and safe.

1. Dogs in particular can quickly develop heat stroke in even 70 degree weather. Be
mindful of exercise and make sure your dog takes a break from chasing that ball!
Also, avoid car travel on hot days and never leave your pet unattended in the car.

2. Foxtails are small barbed plant awns that are found basically anywhere there are
tall grasses. They have an amazing ability to migrate into noses, ears, eyes, and
even through skin. Keep your lawn cut short and try to avoid letting your pet stray
into tall grasses.

3. As you are enjoying that summer BBQ, try to avoid tossing any trimmings or
scraps to you pet

4. Fleas, Ticks and intestinal Parasites: Make sure that you keep up with flea and
tick control and heartworm prevention to keep your pet free from parasites, many
of which can be passed on to kids or other people.

5. Truck Rides: If your pet has to travel with you in a truck, keep them in the cab
or in a kennel in the bed. Even dogs that are tied up in the bed can suffer severe
trauma or even death in the event of a sudden stop.

6. Pesticides/Rodenticides: as household pests become more of a problem, be
mindful that things that are toxic to rats and mice are also toxic to dogs and cats.

7. Predators: they become an increasing problem as summer progresses. Be sure to
bring your cats (and rabbits or other small pets) indoors at night to help keep them

With a little bit of planning, caution, and awareness, summer can be a great time to enjoy
with your pet!

This is Dr. Joel Conn from Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic. I’ll be back next week with
more pet tips. For more information, visit us online at or come see
us at 990 Price Street, Pismo Beach. We are open 7 days a week!

Veterinarian/Owner of Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic

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