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Idexx Digital Radiography System

Idexx Digital Radiography System

If your pet has been in our clinic for x-rays recently, you may have noticed some major changes. A few months ago, we made the upgrade to a digital radiography system (or DR).

DR systems provide the latest in x-ray technology and utilize a digital screen to capture x-rays after they pass through a patient. This data is then processed by a computer and almost instantaneously produces an extremely high resolution digital image that can be viewed from any workstation in the hospital.  In our case, we use iPads to review x-rays with clients!

In addition to being REALLY COOL, digital radiography provides some huge advantages over traditional (analog) systems that use x-ray film. These include:

  • Dramatically lower exposure to radiation – a benefit both to the patient and the technician
  • Faster wait time – if any errors in positioning occur, radiographs can be instantly retaken while the patient is still in postion (versus taking several minutes to process film with older systems)
  • Better quality images
  • X-rays can be easily transferred to other hospitals, owners, or radiologists for review by email or CDRom
  • Radiographs are instantly viewable from any computer, tablet, or smart phone with access to our server

Let us know if you would like to learn more about our digital radiography system.  This is just one more way that Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic is striving to better serve our clients and patients!


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