Dietary Considerations in Lories

Special considerations for feeding Lories:

The diet recommended for a lory should consist primarily of one of the dry pelleted diets formulated specifically for lories. These diets are made to contain low levels of iron, as lories are particularly sensitive to excess iron, which can be toxic. Some recommended brands of such pelleted diets include:

  • Harrison’s Bird Foods Low Iron formula
  • Pretty Bird – Lory
  • Kaytee Exact (rainbow) – Lory
  • Roudybush – Lory

Nectar-based liquid diets are also commercially available for lories. These may compose a small portion of the diet or may be used as an occasional treat, but in general are not recommended as a primary food source. Many of these diets have been found to be inadequate and lead to nutritional diseases. These diets Lucky Patcher Apk download also spoil quickly once the powder is mixed with water; because of this, lories are prone to developing bacterial infections when owners fail to change the food bowls as often as needed (the nectar is probably only good for a few hours).

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be used as a limited part of the diet. It is common for owners to offer too much of these food items, so that the lorry does not eat enough of the dry pelleted diet and therefore does not receive balanced nutrition. Fruits to be avoided or used in very limited quantities would include those high in vitamin C or tannins, such as citrus fruits, and grapes and raisins. Vitamin C and tannins enhance dietary uptake of iron, which can lead to iron storage disease, a common and usually fatal disease in lories.

Other foods to avoid would include monkey biscuits and fruit cocktail.

Monkey biscuits are typically too high in iron, Vitamin A, and vitamin D for lories, and can lead to toxicity and death.

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