Windows 8 Or Windows 7, Which Is A Better Windows OS

Windows operating systems are what one finds in every desktop computer almost around the globe. They have been in use since the dawn affordable computing. It all began with the windows 98. Since there have been a better incarnation of the earlier one every single year. The graphical user interface of windows is a pretty decent one. It lets everybody use their desktops everyday for almost everything a common man would need. School projects to office presentation everything is handled with ease. And for other purposes like editing pictures or performing basic programming, one need not go beyond windows.

Windows 8 Or Windows 7, Which Is A Better Windows OS

Windows took the game t the next level with launch of their operating systems like the Windows XP and Windows vista. They were highly advanced operating systems from Windows. They took the concept of personal computing to an all new level. Sadly for Windows their latest product Windows 8.1 has not received the anticipated level of acceptance. Come the January of 2015 Windows will officially withdraw from the market their support for Windows 7. Until then it seems that Windows 7 is still the choice of the consumers. But is that a right choice? We will try to answer.

Considering boot up time first. This is often the most annoying thing to encounter when turning on a personal computer; Windows 8 takes ten to fifteen seconds to boot p whereas Windows 7 takes more than a few minutes. The winner by hefty margins is Windows 8.

Windows update troubleshooter is high on enterprising features too. It allows the user to connect to the computer using an USB port even. Windows Go on enterprise version provides for an option to completely customize according to their needs. IT administrators can now completely control their mainframe even without using any third party software. Still businesses are turning a cold shoulder to Windows 8. What Windows 7 has in its favor is stability. It has withstood the test of time can assure the users about its stability which enterprises value more than speed. On this front then it’s a draw between the two.

Performance wise the Windows 8 is faster and less resource intensive. It uses a guise to revamp the engine and the resultant product is a much faster operating system than Windows7. This makes it a better choice for common household computers. Winner here is undoubtedly the latest operating system Windows 8.

The front facing user interface is the most talked about point about the Windows 8. For some it is a much radical layout almost meshing in of two different operating systems. The now familiar Metro start screen has not been much of use to anybody. Menus and applications like IE11 are great for touchscreen web browsing and nothing else. Winner here is again the familiar Windows 7 due to its simplicity.

Security is a massive issue for individual and businessmen alike. Windows 8 takes good care of that. Integrated safety features will be enough for most users.

Overall windows 8 is the winner but it still got to find acceptance to live up to its heritage.

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