What To Expect From Laser Therapy

The real beauty of laser therapy is that it is completely safe and the process is typically very relaxing and enjoyable. It is one of the few veterinary therapies in which you can be an active participant in the process.

When you schedule your laser therapy, we will set aside a block of time with a trained veterinary assistant or technician.  You and your pet will be brought into an exam room with comfortable low seating and a bed for your pet.  You will be offered a refreshment and you will be greeted by soft, soothing music.  The technician will verify the areas that we will be treating on your pet and will spend a few minutes setting up the laser.  You (and your pet!) will both be given protective goggles (or doggles) to wear during the treatment to avoid any laser light exposure to the sensitive tissues of the eyes.

The treatment itself involves gently moving the laser probe over the affected area.  There is usually a mild feeling of warmth during the treatment that most pets find very relaxing and helps to alleviate their initial anxiety.  The treatment will last anywhere from 1-30 minutes depending on the number of areas being treated.Your pet will likely experience immediate pain relief, especially with musculoskeletal injuries or arthritis. We commonly see dogs that hobbled into the treatment room walk out without any lameness at all!  Cats often begin to purr during the treatment and it’s not uncommon for dogs to fall asleep.  Chronic conditions may require a few more treatments before improvements become apparent.  It is not uncommon for us to hearowners say “he’s acting like a puppy again” or “she’s back to jumping on the counter for her evening meal!”

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