Announcing the treat that actually CLEANS your dog’s teeth!

OravetMeet ORAVET, the FDA approved dental hygiene treat that is clinically proven not only to clean your dog’s teeth but also to treat bad breath!  We thought it sounded too good to be true so we have been trying it on our own pets.  So far we are thrilled with the results!

OraVet is a chew treat that is designed to be given daily.  It has a tough, taffy-like consistency that sorta forces your dog to chew it (rather than swallow it whole). As the pet chews, it brushes the teeth and starts to remove tartar.  It also begins to coat the teeth with a thin film of a substance called Delmopinol.  This ingredient, which is used in many human oral products, helps to form a protective layer on the tooth surface that blocks bacteria from attaching.

Studies have shown about a 40-50% reduction in plaque and tartar in just one month.  Giving this treat daily can reduce bad breath by over 50% in just one month as well!  Most importantly, the active ingredient Delmopinol has been rigorously tested in over 3 dozen human and animal clinical trials and is extremely safe. Not bad for less than $2 a day, huh?

We can’t wait for our clients to try out this product – we really think it will be a game changer in dental home-care.  Call us today for more information!


See how OraVet works:

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