St. Patrick’s Day at Pismo Beach Vet

What will you be drinking this holiday?

However you decide to celebrate, remember that your pets should never consume any sort of alcoholic beverage. Don’t let those begging puppy eyes fool you, alcohol is very toxic and can make your pet feel super sick.

Skip the special treats.

While you may indulge in some soda bread or corned beef, keep these away from your pets! Garlic and onions used in seasoning, while delicious for humans, can be toxic to your pets. Soda bread, another holiday treat for people, is one that should be avoided for your pets because of dangerous dough and raisins!

Don’t get pinched!

Your pet is hopefully not naturally green so if you want them to be festive, be sure to research dye (if you use it) to make sure it is animal safe and non toxic. All natural vegetable dye is great! For a mess free outfit, consider a green bandana!

Don’t party too hard!

Remember that your pet might be a little extra nervous with all the festivities going on. Try to steer clear of the party scene when you’re out taking your pet for a walk. If you’re having an event at your house, make sure there is a safe space for your pet to relax quietly and comfortably.

We hope you and your pet have a great Saint Patrick’s day and stay safe!

Veterinarian/Owner of Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic

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