Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Season 5

Expert Kabaddi League 2017 season 5 is begins in July 2017. In past season we have seen add up to 8 groups were incorporate while for this fifth kabaddi season four all the more new groups will be join. Right now two day prior UP has purchased Anil Tomar. And in addition numerous monster name have been incorporate into this rundown like Manjeet Chillar, Selvamani K and Rohit Kumar.

Players barters have begun in Delhi which more than 400 players will take part for pro kabaddi season 5.

Name of Players who have Auctioned:

Telugu Titans have brought Nilesh Salunke for Rs 49 Lakh. To review you, Rahul Chaoudhary and Nilesh both are symbol players of season 4.

Group Haryana New Players

Group Haryana purchase Wazir Singh administrations for Rs 44 Lakh while Gurvinder Singh has been purchased for Rs. 16.2 Lakh. Prashant Kumar Rai likewise brought for group Haryana for Rs. 21 Lakh.

Bengal Warriors New Players

Bengal Warriors brought Deepak Narwal for Rs. 25.5 Lakh while Surender Singh has been sold for collaborate for Rs. 28.5 Lakh. Maninder singh sold for Rs. 45 Lakh.

Group Gujarat Players

Bronze Medal champ Sachin purchased by Gujarat for Rs. 36 Lakh.

Pune Team Auctioned Players

Rohit Kumar Choudhary sold for Puneri Paltan.

Delhi Team Auctioned Players

Suraj Desai goes to Delhi Dabang for Rs. 52.5 Lakh which is most costly purchase of the day. And in addition, Sunil additionally goes in Delhi Dabang for Rs 21 Lakh. In season 4, Sunil has played for U-Mumba.

Mumbai Team New Players

Suresh Kumar sold for U-Mumba for Rs. 30.50 Lakh.

Jaipur Team New Auctioned Players

Nitin Tomar is most costly player that sold at Rs. 93 Lakh alongside Jaideep Singh for Rs. 50 Lakh in Jaipur Pink Panther. And in addition, Somvir Shekhar additionally incorporate into Jaipur group which has been sold for Rs. 50 Lakh-check and that is for Jaideep Singh.

B Category Players

Manish have unloaded for Rs. 12 Lakh while Vikash Kale goes in to Gujarat for Rs. 12.6 Lakh.

Bajirao Hodage goes in Delhi Dabang for Rs 44.50 Lakh and Jaideep Singh goes to Jaipur Pink Panther for Rs. 50 Lakh.

Sachin Kumar have sold to Bengaluru for Rs. 46 Lakh and Manoj Dhull goes to Jaipur Pink Panthers for Rs 21.5 Lakh.

Safeguard Anil Kumar sold for Team Tamil Nadu.

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