Halloween Tips for Pet Owners

Halloween is a favorite holiday of many because of the fun costumes, activities, and of course CANDY! During the festivities we can’t forget about our pets so keep these tips in mind this season.


  1. Check your costumes. Many people love dressing up their dogs and cats for the season. Some pets don’t seem to mind but others can become very uncomfortable. Take your pet’s costume on a test run before the big day to make sure it fits comfortably and your pet can move around easily without getting overheated. Never leave your pet unattended in a costume in case of tangling.
  2. Stay visible. Even with your pet dressed up, it’s important to keep their identification on them at all times. This means leaving their collar with their name and your phone number in easy view in case they should get out.
  3. Keep calm. During trick or treating, pets can become very anxious. It’s best to leave your pet at home while you take your kids out in the neighborhood. If you’re handing out candy at home, make sure your pet is in a safe spot in your house where they will not be able to get out while you answer the door. If your pet is afraid of knocking or door bells, make sure they are in an area that they feel secure.
  4. Keep your candy safe and secure. We all know chocolate is a big no no for pets! Make sure your kids aren’t stashing their candy anywhere that your pets can get to (like under their beds or in their closets). PETS Hospital is open 24/7 if your pet gets into any candy! You can also call Pet Poison Control at 1-888-426-4435.
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