Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Like people, dogs are capable of experiencing “senior moments”. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) is somewhat like a dog version of Alzheimer’s disease in people. CCD can occur for many reasons like an accumulation of proteins in the brain, or genetic factors. CCD occurs in many older dogs. A study from UC Davis found that 28% of dogs aged 11-12 years and 68% of dogs aged

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15-16 years exhibited at least one or more signs of cognitive impairment. These signs can be variable, but include disorientation, sleep problems, change in physical activities, and having accidents inside the house.


When we see a dog exhibiting signs of CCD, we recommend taking a look at this form from Purina to decide if your dog may benefit from a NeuroCare diet. Purina NC is a great food product to use for dogs who exhibit signs of CCD and can help with cognitive functions. If you have any questions about the NeuroCare diet or CCD in general, you can call to schedule an appointment with us at 805-773-0474.

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