Rattlesnake Season

Rattlesnake season (April – October) can be a scary time for pet owners. Here at PBVC, we urge pet owners to be vigilant and proactive during this time. There are many steps owners can take to increase the safety of their pets. Rattlesnake aversion training is the most effective method to avoid rattlesnake bites and is highly recommended as a proactive measure for pets with a high risk of exposure. Talk to your veterinarian to hear more about local training resources.

Although a rattlesnake vaccine does exist, PBVC along with the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis does not advocate for its use because of the lack of independent verification to prove that it is effective and safe. Whether or not your pet has been vaccinated, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of a rattlesnake bite:
*DO take your pet to the closest hospital immediately. Call PBVC (7 days a week 8-5 Sat-Wed and 8-10 Thur-Fri) or PETS Hospital (Open 24/7)
*DON’T give your pets any type of medication like ibuprofen or aspirin. This could lead to a life-threatening clotting disorder during the bite.
*DON’T try to remove the venom by cutting or sucking it out.

“It is important for community members to be aware of how easy it can be for a snake bite to occur,” said Dr. Joel Conn, owner of PBVC and founder of PETS Hospital. “It can happen in a backyard without you realizing it. If you notice that your pet’s face, leg or paw seems swollen, painful or bruised, seek medical attention immediately. Snake bites happen to cats as well as dogs.”

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Meet Jennifer, Our August Featured Employee!

Jennifer was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up, she preferred stuffed animals over dolls and decided to pursue her love of animals.  Jennifer spent her summers working at an animal clinic in Indiana where they had an equine specialist.  She decided to pursue her passion for horses and changed her major to Equine Science at Colorado State University. For an internship she worked on a large cattle ranch high in the Rocky Mountains.

After graduation, her pursuit took her to Kentucky where she worked for Ashford Stud, one of the premier thoroughbred breeding farms in the world. This job allowed her to travel and work in Australia, New Zealand, England and Ireland. With some extra training at Hagyard’s Equine Medical Institute, she became their head vet nurse.

Missing the mountains and the ocean, she moved back to Colorado to work for her Alma Mater, managing the barns for the Equine Reproduction Lab.  She then got back to medicine at Little Equine Medical Center to tech. A year ago she planned to move to New Zealand to be close to her sister but after moving back to California to spend time with family, she met Mr. Right and has decided to stay in California and work with small animals. Through all this her trusty four legged sidekick Jax has stayed with her.

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Remembering Kitto

Last week we lost a great patient, Kitto. We wanted to share with some of our fellow animal lovers what a cool cat he was, particularly because his story is such a touching one. Kitto spent most of his life with the Cal Poly Cat Program, located on Cal Poly campus and run by volunteers (many being Cal Poly students). Some of our own technicians even remember Kitto from their time volunteering there! Being a long time resident of the shelter, he saw many faces come and go. He was a volunteer favorite for his happy head-butts and cuddling. Kitto had a condition called feline stomatitis that required him to undergo extensive dental work, including full mouth extractions and ultimate lifelong medication. Though this is an extremely painful condition, Kitto never complained. Kitto charmed many at the cat shelter but didn’t find his forever family until very recently. He was so thrilled to have a home, laps to sit in, faces to kiss, and a human bed to nap in. He started out as a foster kitty for them, but they knew he had to be theirs and adopted him and a fellow shelter mate, Reggie. They showered both of them with love, kisses, and cuddles up until Kitto’s final day. Kitto was able to pass away peacefully at home with his people. Though Kitto had different medical problems and a rough start in life, he was very loved by many and will be missed by all.

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Keeping a Cat Friendly Clinic

Cats are very easily stressed out by loud noises, unfamiliar smells, and sudden strange movements. A vet clinic can be a scary place for a cat with having to be in the car, hearing dogs barking, vacuums going, machines beeping, etc. We know how important it is to keep your cat as low stress as possible, that’s why we do everything we can to make our vet clinic a safe and welcoming place for felines! To start, we have one exam room that we try to use exclusively for cats. This keeps the dog smells at a minimum for our scared cats. In this exam room, we use a Feliway diffuser to release pheromones clinically proven to reduce stress. We also have Feliway spray and wipes that we can use on the cat’s crate to make them feel more safe and secure. We use a rubber mat on the exam table to help give our patients better traction and support while they are being examined.


There are also many things that owners can do to prepare for a stress free vet visit! First, start by getting your cat used to their crate. Try feeding your cat in the crate and keep soft blankets inside for your cat to snuggle up in. Introduce the crate to your kitty at least 1 week before your visit to the vet. Drape a towel over the crate for transport to shield from scary sights and to muffle noises. When waiting in the lobby, keep their crate elevated and away from any other animals who may want to investigate. Go slow and speak calmly when taking your pet out of the crate. If possible, ask to schedule an appointment in the morning (before noon) when the office is a little bit quieter.


Next time you make an appointment for your cat to see the veterinarian, keep these ideas in mind and try to make the event less stressful for your furry friend!


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Meet Gabbie, Our July Featured Employee

Born and raised in Lompoc, Gabbs grew up showing livestock and being an active member of 4H and FFA. This is where her love for animals started and continued to grow. Gabbie moved to San Luis Obispo in 2012 to study animal science at Cal Poly. Since her time at Cal Poly, Gabbie has worked with many animals on the central coast as a groomer, a kennel technician, and now as a veterinary assistant at PBVC. Her favorite part about working here at Pismo is the unpredictability of the days. She loves being able to help ease the worries of owners and help their sick pets.


Gabbs joined the team at PBVC in October of 2016. She enjoys spending her free time outside of work with her trusty pooch “Hooch” and her cat “Oliver” lounging at home watching Netflix. She loves traveling to new places to find the best local foods and wines. Gabbs also has a super obsession with Boxer dogs!

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We’re growing: Dr. Kayla Walti has joined our team!

KaylaWe are excited to announce that Dr. Kayla Walti has joined our PBVC team!  Please help us welcome her back to the Central Coast and stop by to say “hi!”

Click here to learn more about Dr. Walti >>

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Meet Elaine, Our June Featured Employee!

Elaine, like many, was initially interested in working in the veterinary field because of her love of animals. As she started to work and learn, she became more interested in the medicine and helping with difficult cases and emergencies. Her favorite cases to assist with are blocked cats because of the intricacy of the medicine involved. Elaine enjoys being a mentor to those who are just starting out in the field and loves to share her knowledge from getting her registered veterinary technician license. As a supervisor here at PBVC, she is always happy to answer any and all questions our clients or staff may have.


Elaine joined PBVC in May of 2016 after working 8 years in veterinary emergency medicine. She has worked in the five cities area in the veterinary field over 10 years. Elaine and her husband have a full house with 3 cats and a dog. Napoleon is an old black and white cat, Shaka is a spunky brown tabby and Indira is a beautiful calico. She also has a loving 12 year old Corgi named Rose. Elaine likes to spend time with her animals, crafts, gardening and hanging out with her husband. She loves to travel to many new places in the world and experience new cultures.

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We’ve Been Voted BEST VET IN SLO COUNTY for 2017!

We are so excited and honored to have been voted Best Veterinary Clinic in SLO County again for 2017!  To read this week’s New Times edition, go to http://www.newtimesslo.com/cover/15383/best-of-slo-county-2017-31st-annual-readers-poll/

Best of SLO 2017Thank you so much to all of our friends and clients who helped to make this possible.  As a token of our appreciation, we will be offering FREE Physical Examinations to New Clients and FREE Dog and Cat Dental Hygiene Kits to existing clients.  In order to take advantage of this offer, please bring the coupon from our ad on Page 2 of this week’s New Times.

Thanks again for your support and for entrusting us with your pet’s health management.   We will continue to strive to provide you with the compassion, respect, and quality care that your animal family member deserves!


The Doctors and Staff of Pismo Beach Vet

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Meet Debbie, Our May Featured Employee!


We’ve been busy busy busy here at PBVC but we’re back with our monthly employee features! This month we are highlighting Debbie, a familiar face to many of our clients. Debbie is a native Californian who has worked in the veterinary field for 16 years. Before settling on the central coast, she lived in San Diego and worked as a Personnel Recruitment Clerk in North Island Naval Base on Coronado Island. She has had love and compassion for animals since she was a child. Debbie came to PBVC as a receptionist last April and has been loving every minute of it.

Over the years, Debbie had many different pets such as ducklings, canaries, cockatiels, turtles, cats, a lamb, rabbits, her beloved German Shepherds (Dapper and Lady) and the love of her life: Boogie the Chihuahua. Debbie enjoys the simple things in life that the central coast has to offer. She enjoys whale watching, walks on the beach, biking, hiking, kayaking and yoga.

When she isn’t listening to her favorite local bands, she loves to read, cook, watching movies, doing challenging puzzles, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Debbie has enjoyed meeting all the wonderful & interesting clients along with the loves of their lives since April of 2016 and is looking forward to meeting many more. She continues to expand her knowledge to help educate clients with many aspects in the Veterinary field.

Next time you’re in the clinic, say hi to Debbie at the front desk!

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We’re Growing: Dr. Morgan Has Joined Our Team

Ashley and PupWe are excited to announce that Dr. Ashley Morgan has joined our PBVC team!  Please help us welcome her to the Central Coast and stop by to say “hi!”

Click here to learn more about Dr. Morgan >>

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