Meet Elaine, Our June Featured Employee!

Elaine, like many, was initially interested in working in the veterinary field because of her love of animals. As she started to work and learn, she became more interested in the medicine and helping with difficult cases and emergencies. Her favorite cases to assist with are blocked cats because of the intricacy of the medicine involved. Elaine enjoys being a mentor to those who are just starting out in the field and loves to share her knowledge from getting her registered veterinary technician license. As a supervisor here at PBVC, she is always happy to answer any and all questions our clients or staff may have.


Elaine joined PBVC in May of 2016 after working 8 years in veterinary emergency medicine. She has worked in the five cities area in the veterinary field over 10 years. Elaine and her husband have a full house with 3 cats and a dog. Napoleon is an old black and white cat, Shaka is a spunky brown tabby and Indira is a beautiful calico. She also has a loving 12 year old Corgi named Rose. Elaine likes to spend time with her animals, crafts, gardening and hanging out with her husband. She loves to travel to many new places in the world and experience new cultures.

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We’ve Been Voted BEST VET IN SLO COUNTY for 2017!

We are so excited and honored to have been voted Best Veterinary Clinic in SLO County again for 2017!  To read this week’s New Times edition, go to

Best of SLO 2017Thank you so much to all of our friends and clients who helped to make this possible.  As a token of our appreciation, we will be offering FREE Physical Examinations to New Clients and FREE Dog and Cat Dental Hygiene Kits to existing clients.  In order to take advantage of this offer, please bring the coupon from our ad on Page 2 of this week’s New Times.

Thanks again for your support and for entrusting us with your pet’s health management.   We will continue to strive to provide you with the compassion, respect, and quality care that your animal family member deserves!


The Doctors and Staff of Pismo Beach Vet

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Meet Debbie, Our May Featured Employee!


We’ve been busy busy busy here at PBVC but we’re back with our monthly employee features! This month we are highlighting Debbie, a familiar face to many of our clients. Debbie is a native Californian who has worked in the veterinary field for 16 years. Before settling on the central coast, she lived in San Diego and worked as a Personnel Recruitment Clerk in North Island Naval Base on Coronado Island. She has had love and compassion for animals since she was a child. Debbie came to PBVC as a receptionist last April and has been loving every minute of it.

Over the years, Debbie had many different pets such as ducklings, canaries, cockatiels, turtles, cats, a lamb, rabbits, her beloved German Shepherds (Dapper and Lady) and the love of her life: Boogie the Chihuahua. Debbie enjoys the simple things in life that the central coast has to offer. She enjoys whale watching, walks on the beach, biking, hiking, kayaking and yoga.

When she isn’t listening to her favorite local bands, she loves to read, cook, watching movies, doing challenging puzzles, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Debbie has enjoyed meeting all the wonderful & interesting clients along with the loves of their lives since April of 2016 and is looking forward to meeting many more. She continues to expand her knowledge to help educate clients with many aspects in the Veterinary field.

Next time you’re in the clinic, say hi to Debbie at the front desk!

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We’re Growing: Dr. Morgan Has Joined Our Team

Ashley and PupWe are excited to announce that Dr. Ashley Morgan has joined our PBVC team!  Please help us welcome her to the Central Coast and stop by to say “hi!”

Click here to learn more about Dr. Morgan >>

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Swing shifts are BACK!

Can’t make it to the clinic during the day? Don’t worry, swing shifts are back! We are here 8am to 10pm on Thursdays and Fridays for later appointments starting this week. Call the clinic to schedule your appointment!

Swing Shifts

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How often should you clean your pet’s teeth?

How often should my pet receive a dental?

The answer is frequently! Every 6-12months depending on how the teeth are. Take a look at some of our star patients, Simon, Marco and Noele, who have had 45 dentals between the three of them here at PBVC! Why do we recommend dentals so often? It’s for the health and happiness of your pet. Drooling, pawing at the mouth, and difficulty chewing are all signs that a visit to the vet is in order. By the time you are smelling bad breath, periodontal disease is the likely culprit.

There are great benefits to having regular dental cleanings such as better breath, less pain, and overall better health. Letting dental disease progress can lead to infections in the bones and even complicate preexisting conditions. Leslie Stone, owner of Simon, Marco and Noele, chalks up her cats’ long and healthy lives to frequent cleanings and we could not agree more! Good preventative dental care can save your pet a lot of pain and extend their life.

Leslie put it best when she said “we do dentals so we can do birthdays!”

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St. Patrick’s Day at Pismo Beach Vet

What will you be drinking this holiday?

However you decide to celebrate, remember that your pets should never consume any sort of alcoholic beverage. Don’t let those begging puppy eyes fool you, alcohol is very toxic and can make your pet feel super sick.

Skip the special treats.

While you may indulge in some soda bread or corned beef, keep these away from your pets! Garlic and onions used in seasoning, while delicious for humans, can be toxic to your pets. Soda bread, another holiday treat for people, is one that should be avoided for your pets because of dangerous dough and raisins!

Don’t get pinched!

Your pet is hopefully not naturally green so if you want them to be festive, be sure to research dye (if you use it) to make sure it is animal safe and non toxic. All natural vegetable dye is great! For a mess free outfit, consider a green bandana!

Don’t party too hard!

Remember that your pet might be a little extra nervous with all the festivities going on. Try to steer clear of the party scene when you’re out taking your pet for a walk. If you’re having an event at your house, make sure there is a safe space for your pet to relax quietly and comfortably.

We hope you and your pet have a great Saint Patrick’s day and stay safe!

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Honoring the WOMEN at Pismo Beach Vet

Today is International Women’s Day. For us, this day has special meaning because our business (and the veterinary world) literally could not exist without women.  Our staff is nearly 90% women and if they went on strike today we would be closed.

The women of Pismo Beach Vet inspire us every day:  their hard work, determination, endless compassion and empathy, and commitment to helping our patients and our clients are the reasons that we succeed as a business.

Think about the women in your community and how they continue to impact your life every day.  Think about what would happen if suddenly all the women decided not to show up.  When you are done thinking about that (and the catastrophe that would ensue), I would encourage you to take a moment to show appreciation for the women in your life and for all that they do.

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Tuesday and Wednesday LATE HOURS temporarily discontinued

We are temporarily discontinuing our Tuesday and Wednesday late hours (until 10pm).  We will be open for normal business hours, 7 days a week, from 8:00am until 5:30pm.  We are sorry for the inconvenience!


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Help us to be the BEST VET in SLO County 2017!

Voting has begun for the 2017 Best of SLO County Reader’s Poll and we’d LOVE your vote. Help us to be one of the Best Vets of SLO for the 5th year in a row by voting for Pismo Beach Vet!!

To participate, go to and fill out the survey.

Best of SLO 2017


  • You must complete at least 30 categories
  • You must verify your ballot by email AFTER voting for it to count
  • All votes must be completed by March 13th at 5pm

As always, thank you for your support. We have the best clients on the planet and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

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